It’s almost Christmas!

Fall has officially arrived & luckily, some evenings come with a cool breeze, and of course: the never fading sunshine. Here are looks I constructed with Wills Lifestyle.

I’m excited to begin dressing up for my favorite season!
Bring on the layers, coats, scarves, and gloves!

Let’s talk outfit. I compiled these ensembles together from a bunch of garments from Wills lifestyle. The Winter Formal/ Casual.. Head out & get all of these at the Wills Lifestyle store.

I’ve been loving darker colors lately. I’m mixing a subtle Navy and Grey look that can be worn for a productive day of work, or just for that man about town. I’ve found that mixing neutral shades is easiest when getting dressed.
I kept a dark palette using Deep Red, Navy, Olive green. You’re more than welcome to get creative and throw in some pattern like a polka dotted slim tie.

You can also swap your blazer with a cardigan to layer your outfit like I did.
Darker colors this season are definitely a win-win for me.




IMG_2826 IMG_2837 IMG_2882

Outfit- Wills Lifestyle

-Mr. Dapper

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